Go Active Cornwall loves traditional sports and takes pride in delivering innovative, inclusive and exciting coaching sessions for the classic sports. Before, during or after school, our courses are always structured to bring out the best in everyone.


Fun athletics sessions that give children a taste of all athletics disciplines. Our qualified coaches teach children universal athletics techniques to help them run, jump and throw to the best of their ability.

Children are split into groups depending on their age and ability. Each session will include a warm up, games and event specific coaching.


Basketball has a very fast and exciting pace of play. Also, each player on the court gets to play both offense and defense and the roles of each player are only loosely defined.

Much of basketball easily can be practiced (like shooting or dribbling) with one person making it easy to learn. The sport also is great for one-on-one play all the way up to 5-on-5, so you don’t need a big crowd to get a good game going.


Badminton is a hugely popular sport, both in Britain and abroad. It appeals because it is easy to learn to rally but can quickly develop into an energetic Olympic sport, requiring high levels of power, agility, stamina, technique and tactical awareness.

Shuttles, which are designed to slow down, can still be struck at speeds in excess of 200mph.


It is played between two teams of eleven players each who score runs (points) by running between two sets of three small, wooden posts called wickets.

Each of the wickets is at one end of a rectangle of flattened grass called the pitch. Around the pitch is a much larger oval of grass called the cricket ground.


Go Active offers structured development, providing opportunities for young players to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals whilst in a group or team environment.

Players are able to build on their natural enthusiasm for movement, using it to explore and learn.

Fund Raisers

Events in schools are primarily based on sponsorship, whereby we take the stress of organizing a fundraiser away from the school.

We run the event in full for the school, by providing help with promoting the event, providing sponsorship forms, letters to parents/guardians explaining the nature of the event, and by providing certificates for every child in the school.


From skill-based learning sessions to competitive games, give your child the chance to experience the fun of hockey.

Children will learn the key skills needed to play as well as the rules of the game in fun sessions suitable for either those who haven’t tried to sport before or those who want to hone their talents.

Multi Sports

A chance for your child to try their hand at everything – from football to rugby, tennis, cricket, athletics and more – Go Active multisport sessions are the perfect introduction to sport.

Children are taught a range of different sports each week, the ultimate experience in sporting learning, while mastering the many different skills needed to compete in each one.


A fantastic and fun sport with sessions which will teach your child the skills of netball while they learn the excitement of team play.

Children will learn dexterity and agility with the ball in a stimulating environment while getting to grips with the rules of the game.


Give your child the ultimate rounders experience with skill- based sessions designed to teach kids all they need to know to excel at the sport.

Go Active Rounders sessions have been developed to create exciting, unpredictable players with the ability to express themselves on and off the field.


The emphasis of the coaching sessions is to ensure that the children have fun and at the same time teaching them skills that will sustain their interest and give them a desire to play tennis for life.

We have developed a series of fun and entertaining games and tennis drills with this in mind. We have found that this works well and is an extremely positive environment for the children to learn and discover their own strengths and abilities.

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Children are taught in a fun and stimulating way which encourages them to develop a love of the sport through inspirational coaching.

This also delivers a strong health and fitness awareness message.

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